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Nissan head warns that Omicron Covid variant could harm auto industry

YOKOHAMA, Japan: The Covid Omicron variant of COVID-19 could add pressure to a chronic shortage of microchips used in car ...

Asian stocks make good gains, U.S. dollar drifts higher

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia - Stocks in Asia were mostly higher on Friday as investors and traders took emerging news about ...

Seaya, Cathay Innovation to fund Latin American startups

MEXICO CITY, Mexico: The venture capital firms, Spain's Seaya Ventures and France's Cathay Innovation, have established a joint fund aimed ...

U.S. stocks back on the rise Nasdaq climbs 123 points

NEW YORK, New York - U.S. stocks roared back to life Thursday shrugging off concerns about the new Covid variant ...

US Christmas trees jump in price due to drought, high gas prices

SANTA CLARITA, California: Amidst lower inventories this year, the price of farm-grown Christmas trees rose significantly.Brent Green, owner of a ...

New electric car factory in Beijing targets 300,000 cars annually

BEIJING, China: Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has signed a cooperation agreement to build an electric auto assembly plant in Beijing ...

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Abbott Ireland announces expansion plans, new jobs

DONEGAL, Ireland - Announcing plans to expand its workforce in Donegal, the U.S. healthcare giant Abbott unveiled plans to create 500 new jobs in the country.Abbott Ireland currently hires c ...

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